Client Case Study: Remedial (Deep Tissue) Massage

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (An example of a client that presented with patellofemoral pain syndrome and treated with Remedial (deep tissue) Massage)

pain in a knee sports trauma1 Remedial (deep tissue) massage [Client Case Study]The client said they started out at the gym. As they were doing the program which had been devised for them they happened to notice after a few weeks of doing it that their left knee began to become sore and that it would occur on the days they did the gym program. They said it began to grow progressively worse.

So after approximately two months with no improvement in the pain they decided that this really was not right and began to question it. The client went through to eliminate things one by one in their gym program and found doing a particular exercise (step ups) seemed to bring on the pain.

When they visited the Health Professional the client said that the pain they felt was tending to come from near the bottom of their left knee and that it was on the front and slightly to the outer side of the leg. They explained that the pain was not a constant one but when it was there it was dull and achy.

checking a knee Remedial (deep tissue) massage [Client Case Study]

The client was treated with remedial (deep tissue) massage to begin with and then given exercises to be done at home. The combination of remedial massage and exercises assisted the client to become pain free.